Monday, June 30, 2008

What is the Enchanted Hovel?

The enchanted part comes from me being a princess (yes I am, my Daddy told me so!), believing in fairy tales & magic, stuff like that. The hovel part is from years ago when hubby had made his millionth mess right after I had finished cleaning & I screamed something about us living in a hovel.

Hubby & I were both born in the 60's. We spent most of our lives in Queens New York. We lived in the Catskills for a little while, then Long Island. In 2006 we left the suburbs for rural Pennsylvania. We have a little more than an acre of property with a nice variety of wildlife as well as our dog & our son who joined us in 2009 :-)
I'm a full-time housewife/mom & part-time bartender. I dabble in accounting/bookkeeping/taxes. My hobbies include web design & graphic making, which have both been on the back burner since baby came along :-( Hubby is an electrician & a former contractor.
We also have fairies - the shopping fairy & the fairy that cleans while hubby works & I sit around eating Bon Bons all day. Then there's the "it wasn't me/I don't know" fairy who seems to eat the last piece of cake, forgets to fill the ice cube trays,, stuff like that.
This is our story & how we are living... happily ever after.


  1. Can I borrow your fairies? Please!

  2. Sure you can, I can always use a break from BonBons LOL

  3. By now Barbara must be done with your fairies, my turn! ;)

  4. aaahhhhaaaaaa!!! I knew there were fairies! Howyadoin?


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