Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've been too tired to blog lately but I'm here to catch up.

Sunday I was scheduled to work outside at the pool bar as usual. It was POURING so I decided I'd go shopping instead. I threw on a pair of sandals, capris & a button down shirt (so much easier for trying on clothes ya know) I stopped at my job for a few minutes cause I met a really cool couple that were checking out that day & we had planned to exchange emails & stuff before they left. Do I have to tell you how sunny it got? I went shopping anyway. After 4 hours & too many stores all I ended up with was 4 nail polishes, smellies (plug ins & stuff) candles, Advil, Aleve & Midol. Hubby picked up a book about ships & I FINALLY found a big rug for next to the kitchen sink to match my little rug by the door; I've been looking for over a year & had pretty much given up. That was in the last store & we only really went in there cause it was near the bathroom & hubby had to pee. This made my day worthwhile :-)

Monday was pretty interesting. It was just about 8 o'clock & we were getting ready to watch King Kong on tv; it was starting to rain so hubby ran the dog out. A minute later I hear him talking very loudly downstairs so I ask what's wrong. "I think he ate a frog" I grab a towel & a bowl of water remembering some frogs/toads have a liquid they emit in order to protect themselves. The poor dog is frothing at the mouth, we're trying to make him throw up & get the saliva off his skin & out of his mouth. He finally throws up & here's me digging through it to find what he ate, all I find is his dinner from 2 hours earlier. By now it's pouring, hubby goes outside to find whatever it was since we thought it could be a Cane toad (they are very toxic) Hubby found the poor thing; it could only move the top legs not the bottom. It was not visibly injured or mangled thankfully & he is now in semi hibernation in my freezer. Please do not criticize me, this is the humane way to kill it, I checked many websites. The dog has no other symptoms & he was thoroughly rinsed & washed inside & out so we think he just got a little taste. Needless to say our movie night never happened since by the time all of this was over it was close to 10 PM.

Yesterday was just a regular day.

Today I had off & did most of my cleaning. I got a new vacuum in February which I barely use because I don't really like it. I don't think it cleans good enough unless I use the brush or mini vac attachment while crawling through the house on my hands & knees. I was on the phone with K telling her how I really wanted to exchange it but figured it was too late, she said nah, they'll be able to tell you haven't used it, try & see what happens. I'm posting this because I am now going to copy & paste the email I sent her approximately an hour after we got off the phone.

After we hung up I started to vacuum. I did my steps first just like a have many times, I leave it at the top & do each step with the brush attachment which is the main reason I got one with such a long hose. I swear the vacuum heard me telling you I didn’t like it & wanted to get a different one cause 2 steps from the bottom & it comes banging down the stairs, attachments are popping off . All I’m thinking is if this thing breaks I’m really stuck with it. I’m holding the hose in my right hand as kind of a shield as I’m going up to stop the machine from coming down too many steps & I grab it with my left hand. For some reason I tuck the hose back on & carry it DOWN the stairs then I shut it off. I go pick up all the attachments. There’s this little mini vac one that I thought was broken but the cover had just come off & a wheel popped out. Phew, I can still return it. Yeah rite. I turn it back on to finish my last 2 steps, the friggin hose is practically decapitated down near the base. I figure I’ll put some duct tape on it, can I find any? No. Electrical tape? No, not even masking tape. Why would we have any of that in the house considering my husband is an electrician former contractor? I wrap my hand around the hole & barely finish. Then I lug it back up the steps. I wrapped Press n Seal around it then scotch tape so the plastic wrap wouldn’t fall off while I finish the rest of the rooms. It’s OK if you’re laughing trying to picture this cause it was kind of funny, I really don’t know how I didn’t fall down backwards or get hurt cause it came down pretty fast. I’m just pissed cause now I’m definitely stuck with it & have to spend money on it so I can keep using it.

Maybe I should send a copy of this email to Kenmore?

Hubby came home & I told him so he checked it out, we definitely need to buy a new hose. Oh yeah, & all that tape? It's in the garage, silly me!

Recent dinners -
Saturday - roast turkey breast, garlic mashed potatoes mixed with sour cream & chives, mixed veggies, cranberry sauce & carrot salad
Sunday - sirloin steak with sauteed mushrooms, onions & peppers, Zantarains (sp??) yellow rice, peas
Monday - lemon peppered pork chops, pierogies & green beans
Tuesday - roast chicken, stuffing, peas & carrots, salad (some from our garden)
today - meatloaf (I make it like salisbury steak & broil it), mashed potatoes, gravy & corn

I'm off to check comments & other blogs, good night!

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