Thursday, July 3, 2008

One of the reasons it's always been hard for me to stick with blogging - booor-rrring, that's me. I used to have such a wild life when I was younger, sigh.
Last night for dinner was sirloin steak with a garlic cream sauce that didn't thicken enough, grrr, mixed veggies & white rice with Sazon.
Tonight we ate roast turkey breast with stuffing, peas & carrots, salad. I had really wanted to make carrot salad but got home a little late from work & didn't think it would have enough time to set.
Met some cool people at work today. One is a former Navy SEAL, another is a field nurse who is being deployed soon. The other cool people were just regular people. I got 2 of them drinking new drinks (to them) & got them pretty drunk. For anyone planning to bitch me out, I work at a resort & we encourage people to use our shuttle bus around the property whether or not they've been drinking.

Hubby has off tomorrow so I get to sleep late, yay!!!


  1. I'm sure you have seen those pictures made of thousands of other pictures. That's how I've been trying to view life, lately. From the surface my life is pretty humdrum, but when I allow myself to experience some of the moments for what they really are, I find a lot more satisfaction.

  2. Oh do share what the drinks were... SHARE THE WEALTH!!!

    Dig deep, you actually have a fascinating life.... look at your job... start telling some stories!! You live in an amazing area!! I want to know MORE! We are going to draw this out bit by bit.


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