Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why is it you get the most indecisive people as your last customers? I was closing the bar today (2/3 done) when I get 2 couples. I tell them I am almost closed but I can get them something quick if they order right now. Only 1 person knew what they wanted to drink. The first couple didn't even decide until after the second couple was already drinking. The 4 of them were nice at least but still...
Nothing exciting today. By the time I got home, fed the deer, fed the dog, made dinner, changed & then walked the dog it was already 8:30. It's now close to 10 & I am seriously ready to get in bed & read my book (reading The Lord of the Rings for like the hundredth time). For dinner tonight I made barbecue pork chops, tater tots & home made cole slaw.


  1. I can't imagine the conversation you end up hearing about......

  2. Some days I think about posting stuff I hear but by the time I get home I usually forget.


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