Monday, August 25, 2008

I haven't been posting too much cause we have been inundated with lots of stupid rude people at work the last few weeks & I didn't want to come here whining every day. Plus I've been working a little more than usual & have other things to do in my life before blogging. I was scheduled for work today but it's rainy & gloomy & that's not such good weather for a pool bar so here I am whining anyway ;-p
We had some friends over yesterday, the dog was very good. We were a little nervous because he's only been with adults so far & the most people he's been around (with us anyway) has been like 4 so we were very pleased. The only person who slipped him anything was hubby -eye roll- He is now napping at my feet (doggie not hubby) We had tons of food, I even had steak for breakfast LOL
This is my last week in my thirties -gulp, gasp, shudder- seriously, I'm OK about it. I think I was more stressed out when I turned 28 & realized I was going to be 30 in 2 years. It probably helps that I am spending my actual birthday at a Motley Crue concert, WOOOOHOOOO!!
Time for some laundry, lunch & hopefully graphic making since it's been months that I've made anything.

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  1. 30 is nuttin, lol as you well know! Now.... tell me what rude people do? I'm curious!!! I wanna know....


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