Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas shopping has begun! I just finished reading at another blog how ridiculous it is to have Thanksgiving, Halloween & Christmas stuff all in the stores at the same time. Usually this drives me crazy but today I caved in. I bought 2 presents for my mom, 1 present for hubby, 1 present for the 2 of us from Santa, Christmas cards (I usually make them but who know how I'll be feeling next month), Christmas towels, oven mitts & a little candy bowl.

Anyone who notices the picture in the previous post...yes, our dog met his first porcupine last weekend. My first reaction "OH MY GOD, WE HAVE TO GO TO THE VET!" Second reaction "I have to get a picture of this" It took 5 pictures to get that one (he kept shaking his head & they were coming out blurry) I'm glad it didn't take longer cause I was starting to feel like a bad mom & I did want to start getting him fixed.
There were a good 20 quills in there, we kept a few as a memento. Luckily none were in or near his eyes or ears; he did manage to get one right up into his top lip (the jowly part if that makes sense) He did eventually end up in the emergency room after biting Daddy a couple of times & breaking Mommy's toe - he's a big boy & was fighting us after a awhile. They had to knock him out to get the last 6 out, they were way too deep.

I was planning to write a lot more but I'm feeling a little tired all of a sudden so hopefully I will come on tomorrow to write more. I think I have to start putting blogging in my planner, it seems like the days just fly by & I miss too many days.

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