Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of warm weather but I am a good mom soooo I spent a good part of the day outside. We planted a couple of flowers, chased chipmunks, robins & each other :-) Played with some worms, rocks, sticks, leaves...I think even a little bit of poop LOL

Just before we went out little man decided he did not want me to put his shirt on & slammed the door of his room. I shrugged it off & got a little bag ready to take out with us. When I went to go get him the little stinker had locked the door! I am apparently out of practice with lock picking so I ended up popping his screen so I could climb over my porch railing to get in his window, which I barely did since I'm short & it was a little bit of a stretch. I also cut my finger open on the awning.

Needless to say we turned his door knob around tonight. & how's this for ironic? Just last night I ordered some baby lock things to prevent door slamming, which is his latest interest.

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