Monday, July 21, 2008

I've finally found the coding to make a 3 column blog, YAY!
I'm playing catch up again, I have just been so tired lately. Saturday night I was so tired I fell asleep on the living room floor while I was watching tv & it wasn't even 9 PM! (I don't always lay on the floor, I had been on the couch with hubby but was getting too hot so I decided to lay with the dog & use him as a pillow)
Thursday is too far away to remember. Friday I got home from work an hour an a half later than usual. It figures that it is also the night that hubby brings home some wood a ton of huge tree stumps. J had this huge oak tree partially fall so Friday night the guys went out to start cutting & then brought it here. If I wasn't so busy laying on the couch I'd go get my camera to post the pictures.
Yesterday we had off together so we did some weeding in the flower garden, wood cutting & stacking.
Today all I did was a load of laundry & it was so crappy this morning I just did it like an hour ago.
Recent dinners:
Thursday - baked ziti with sausage & Italian bread. I baked coconut squares for dessert.
Friday - with me getting home late & the guys going back & forth til after 8 I just threw some hot dogs under the broiler, heated up a can of beans & made some coleslaw.
Saturday we had leftovers.
Sunday - fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy & biscuits.
I have pork chops out for tonight, I'll probably make some yellow rice with them, salad & I haven't decided on a veggie yet.
P.S. came back to add this - I saw a bear on the way to work Saturday, maybe 2 miles from home. It wasn't full grown but he wasn't a cub either. He ran across the road into the woods & then stopped to look at me while I stopped to look at him. Stupid me didn't take a picture because I thought I had left the camera on the kitchen table after taking pictures of my loggers the night before.

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