Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hubby was such a good boy today, he took me shopping for hours. We didn't do too bad unless you count that the main reason we went was to find me maternity/bigger sized clothes & that is what I found the least of.
He got 2 new pairs of shoes & 2 outfits (do guys call their clothes outfits??) We bought a few house things, like cleaning supplies & air freshener for the sprayers, ooo a Swiffer sweeper vac! I bought my first baby outfit; I love cows & it's a little cow print pajama (or costume?) it was jut so cute I had to get it. I got a pair of sneakers, a few books, a new (bigger) bra. I picked up some new clothes but once i got home & started pairing stuff up from the different stores I was only happy with some of it so quite a bit is going back.
We even picked up stuff for the dog; he got a new ball, new collar & ID tag & a baby doll. He's never been around infants from what the shelter told us so we bought a baby doll that is motion activated - it moves & cries. So far he's just licked it's face a few times & that was only when I was holding it, not when it was on the floor by itself. We think this a good sign :-)

Very sad news when I just signed on.....very sad to hear that Paul Newman has died. He was probably the first older man I had a crush on. He was also an extremely gifted actor & I unfortunately forgot him on my list last week :-(

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