Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Did you see the lady who ran out at 10:30 this morning to do a few quick errands?
Did you see her get caught behind the slowest driver ever on the first main road?
Did you see her get stuck behind the twin to the slowest driver on the second main road? (good thing she left early)
Did you see her get to her appointment 10 minutes early only to have them be running 15 minutes late?
Did you see her get stuck in traffic for about 20 minutes? (good thing she had a water & some snacks in the car since it was close to 1 PM by now & this SHOULD have been the time she was getting back home)
Did you see her in 2 different stores with the millions of people who seemed to be just starting their Christmas shopping?
Did you see her tire go flat in the parking lot?
Did you see her fixing her flat tire in the parking lot? ( a few years ago her husband gave her this little air thing that plugs into the lighter just in case she ever needed it. She made fun of it & tried to give it back. Luckily her husband insisted she keep it in her trunk)
Did you see her run into another store just to buy her husband his favorite special & expensive coffee?
Did you see her waiting on line to get it for 15 minutes? (but he definitely deserved it today!)
Did you see her almost fall down because the gas station didn't do such a good job cleaning the snow which turned to ice?
Did you see her finally get home at 4 o'clock???
On the plus side...she had a good hair day, the last of her mail packages arrived today, no one hit her car,& she only called one person an idiot.

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