Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank goodness for books, computers, & movies (although lately my computer has been boring me too)...there is absolutely NOTHING on tv.
We got our first real snow yesterday, I measured today & it was just about 12 1/2 inches.Hubby was a little mad since he couldn't find the chains for the plow tires so clearing was quite a bit more difficult than usual. (even today he still can't find them & it's driving him crazy) The dog seems to like it, i should have taken some pictures but I thought about it too late. I don't know how much fun I'll be having this winter since my snowsuit is quite a bit tighter now that I'm sharing it with a baby. Maybe I can find myself a really cheap pair of snow pants just for this winter.
Hubby took me to the grocery store today since the days I had off this week I was unable to go & the roads were terrible today. I just picked up a few things since I'm doing my big shopping on tuesday.
A few weeks ago I made homemade french fries cause I didn't have any frozen ones. Tonight was the third time I made since then & hubby asked if I'd mind cutting, seasoning & freezing some so he can make them too. He also said he won't miss the frozen ones if I decide to stop buying them. Other things I made today - coleslaw, banana bread & fudge.

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