Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I really must give in & start blogging about work. It would sure give me something to do when I don't know what to write about. Today a guy orders 2 beers from me while I'm chatting & fixing drinks for someone else; he just charges up & asks what kind of beer we have. I tell him & he asks for 2 ____s then sits there snapping his 20 dollar bill while I finish with the first person. I grab the 2 beers, place them in front of him & say __ dollars. He looks at me like I'm a retard & says "oh, my wife changed her mind & wants one of those" (one of the froo froo drinks I had just made for the previous person) I love when stuff like that happens.

That brings me to a pet peeve. Do you know how many people will order a drink because 'it looks nice/pretty/whatever'? I usually say something like are you sure, you don't know what's in it, blah blah blah because at least 40% will regret it & ask for something else. I mean it's not like a sweater, looks can be very deceiving when it comes to cocktails.


  1. Some of the ugliest drink taste the best and some of the prettiest are WAY too strong for my taste... Did he pay for both beers? He should have... it's like ordering filet mignon and changing your mind to lobster after the food is set in front of you, I think you should pay for both.

  2. They were in bottles so I was nice enough to take one back & put it on ice.
    That just reminded me that she didn't like the froo froo one LOL It took her like an hour to drink it & then she switched to the beer!

  3. *laugh* do you remember what it was? We have a cocktail party every year which ends up consisting of picking drinks which sound good and making up a batch and everyone that wants to samples a shot. It's fun, but we've tried some nasty things!


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