Sunday, February 1, 2009

I happened to be reading this post at Heavenly Homemakers just before I made lunch today so I decided to snap a few pictures & do my kitchen tour. This is what I call the middle pictures since we've done some work on it. When we moved in 2 years ago it looked like this-
Here are the pictures I took today -

(above) this view is from the end of my kitchen, to the right is a window & the dog's feeding area, behind me is a door leading to the porch, to the left are stairs going down to the family room.
The pantry is next to the fridge (forgot to open it) on the floor I keep paper towels, soda & my convection oven. The first shelf has my blender & bread machine. I then have another 3 or 4 shelves where I keep all my food stuffs. On the 2 top shelves I have my toaster, hand mixer, deep fryer, extra ice cube trays & some stainless pots & pans in case the power goes out & I need to cok on the grill or the wood stove.

The cabinets above & below my oven are where I keep all my baking supplies & ingredients, cookie sheets, cake pans, mixing bowls, etc.

In the skinny cabinets next to my oven - the top one is for spices, the bottom has oils, vinegars, soy sauce, stuff like that. I keep stuff I use everday on the counter, wine, salt, pepper, etc.

You can't see it but between my dishrack & fridge is my Kitcheaid which is always plugged in & ready to go!
Our fridge is white & the other appliances 1970 almond. The fridge conked out on us like the first week we lived here, luckily we had the white one which was going to be our storage/backup. I wat the rest of the appliances to be white as well one of these days.

This picture is with my back to the window. In that cabinet I keep my cookbooks, the drawer is for bread & chips, the bottom is for hardly used stuff like serving platters.

The below picture is just to show the door & window as well as doggies food container; it used to be tucked between the wall & the cabinet but the bigger my belly gets the harder it's getting for me to reach over. I came home one night to see hubby set it on top of a 5 gallon plaster bucket in the open & it's much easier now :-)

Our walls are like a creamy beige color, I have no idea of the name & it's funny cause I was looking for the paint cards this morning & I have no idea where they are!
So there's my kitchen which will one day have lighter cabinets & a wood floor :-)

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  1. It's always nice to see where people "work" I posted my kitchen quite a while ago for that reason :) My counters are rarely that cleared! While cooking this week for treat day I kept putting away my food processor and getting it back out... finally I just left it out... I gave up ;)


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