Sunday, April 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday for the week of April 20th

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what we ate last week:
Sunday - Easter dinner was pretty simple since I hadn't done too much shopping; roast beef, mashed potaotes, sauteed onions, gravy, corn? I really don't remember the veggie LOL
Dessert was fruits & cupcakes.
I tried to make egg shaped cake pops on Saturday but 1. I couldn't get the egg shape right, 2. most of them fell off the stick, 3. hubby & I both thought the were too sweet so I just threw them out without decorating them.
Monday - baked ziti with meatballs
Tuesday - my day got a little crazy so we had leftovers
Wednesday - chicken, stuffing, peas & carrots
Thursday - breaded pork chops, butternut squash, coleslaw, sliced apples
Friday - shish kebobs, rice, kidney beans
Saturday - I made banana bread in the afternoon. Dinner was pizza

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