Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen 12

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13 things I'd like to do today:
  1. Lower thermostats
  2. wash & hang blankets (if it gets as nice as predicted)
  3. feed & take out doggie - he's been out & is eating right now
  4. make oatmeal cookies
  5. make & freeze some waffles (eat some too)
  6. work on homemaking journal
  7. clean upstairs bathroom
  8. mop upstairs bathroom - hands & knees sponge clean actually, it's been a while
  9. same for kitchen
  10. start & hopefully finish last tax return
  11. answer emails - done
  12. spend time outside with dog & baby
  13. take a nap


  1. Sounds fun. I'd like to share your day until you get to the taxes. Then I'll walk the around the block. Happy TT!

  2. Wow -- that's quite an ambitious list. Will you post again next week to check off everything you got done?

  3. I love spring cleaning/motivation! That's a pretty big list though. I wouldn't really think about finishing taxes and doing anything else in one day. ;)

  4. Okay, now I have to find a recipe and make some oatmeal cookies!

  5. busy day. I had to walk the dog in a storm today. I heart my dog!

  6. I am with ya on #13. Haven't had a nap in weeks and I miss them!

    Happy TT!


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