Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen for June 18th

13 random things related to my pregnancy:
  1. 50% of women over 35 have trouble conceiving
  2. 65% of women over 40 have trouble conceiving
  3. 8 weeks before I turned 40 we conceived our first baby on the first try
  4. I didn't have any morning sickness
  5. I didn't have any cravings
  6. I didn't get any stretch marks
  7. My belly button never popped out (it came pretty close though!)
  8. 80% of women go into labor without their water breaking
  9. My water broke before anything else happened
  10. Most first timers have long labor
  11. Going from when my water broke it was 9 hours & 40 minutes til baby
  12. Going from when the contractions started it was about 2 1/2 hours til baby
  13. I dilated so fast I never got an epidural & didn't realize it until after the baby was born & the nurses congratulated me for doing so well drug free.

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  1. They say everything happens the way it shoul in its own time, etc. Well you are proof of that ..I am too sandy

  2. You do realize that your list is going to tick a lot of poor women off because they had 54 hour labors, had cravings that were so weird even their doctors thought they were aliens and experienced morning sickness that would have rivaled the eruption of Vesuvius! LOL. Lucky you!

    My TT this week is 13 Things I DIDN'T like about "the good old days" - kind of the opposite of my normal nostalgia posts.

  3. After adopting 4, I unexpectedly got pregnant when I was 37. I wasn't so lucky to have a pregnancy as easy as yours, but it was well worth it!

  4. I've heard it happens a lot, even one of my cousins after their second adoption she got pregnant after being told it would never hppen.

  5. Diva, my blog isn't too popular yet so I might get lucky!

  6. How is your Rottweiler getting along with your baby? Our female Rottweiler is like a second mom to our daughter, who is now five, but our male Yorkie hasn't ever quite overcome his jealousy. :)

    Sounds like you had a dream pregnancy and delivery. Yeah!

  7. Why don't you link up after the fact? I have people who link up to my Making Your Home Sing Monday meme the day after or even the day after that!

    For some big links, like Not Me Monday or Works For Me Wednesday, people are still reading the links days later. So link up, girl!

    That have no kind words for you, lol!

    Your first try? No morning sickness? No stretch marks or cravings? Girl?????

    I want you to have another baby right now, just because I want to see if it's any different or if you're just lucky, lol!

  8. Awesome job! I'm glad it was such a stree free time for you! :)

  9. I went painkiller free with both deliveries -- and had back labor with the second. Yowch. That hurt.

    You've got a great thing to brag about. It's not easy to do without the extra help of an epidural.

  10. Librarian~I don't think our rottie has really accepted the baby yet. He's never tried to harm him & he gets a few licks on him but otherwise he doesn't seem to care. He just knows he's not the center of attention anymore.

    mom~if it makes you feel any better I still had 15 pounds to lose as of that posting; as of this posting I now have 21 to lose.
    I honestly never thought of linking up late LOL I will have to remember that.

  11. Tamy~she who keeps me motivated to blog :-)

    Susan~I do feel pretty proud of myself. Really the worst pain was the last 2 pushes, you know when the baby is right there & everyone's yelling "keep pushing". I really just wanted someone to pull him out so I could take a nap LOL


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