Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Thirteen for June 25th

13 ways parenthood has (already) changed me:
  1. I sleep a lot less
  2. & I sleep a lot lighter
  3. I shop less, for myself anyway!
  4. I eat faster
  5. I shower faster
  6. I snuggle more :-)
  7. My boobs get a lot more attention!
  8. I wear my hair up more
  9. I don't use chemicals in my hair any more
  10. I give myself less manicures
  11. Pedicures even less than that!
  12. I hide my grumpiness a lot better
  13. I smile a whole lot more :-)

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  1. I think your post is very sweet - it highlights the fact that parenting is the most selfless job going. Nice to hear you are embracing it.

  2. I'm loving it all Mrs. B


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