Monday, May 9, 2011

Mondays don't bother me since I don't work Monday through Friday but after today I know why people hate Mondays.

The little guy woke up really early today so that started me off tired& grumpy which made me re-schedule what I had planned today, which turned out good considering. The new plan was to stay local, run some errands, go to the park for a picnic & playtime then come home for a nap.

I went through the drive thru at the bank & as I pull back onto the road my car starts thumping, flat tire. Hubby has been telling me to get tires for a few months since they were 2 years old. Luckily the bank is right near the grocery store so I pull in there. I get out & look at the tire, it's fine. I walk to the other side, there it is. I pop the trunk & take out my spare (after lugging out tons of crap as well as the forgotten stroller from the other day) No jack. I call hubby to see if he's nearby or knows where it is, I get voicemail. Luckily some guy saw me & had a jack. We change the tire, he wouldn't accept any money.
I should have taken a picture, the tire was THAT bad. My original plan had been further from home & I have a lead-foot so you see why it was better this way. Plus I was down the block from the tire shop.

OK so I'm tired & now I have to go get tires so I'm a little pissy. Into the supermarket I go. I go to the deli & order a turkey hero "what?" forgot this idiot town calls them hoagies. My sandwich ended up half wrong & wasn't cut. I couldn't find either of the breads that we eat, there was a freaking hen party going on in the dairy section so I didn't get milk...blah blah blah.

Pull into the tire shop..."Hi, how are you today?" "Crappy. I have my mother, my son & groceries in my car, how fast can you change 2 tires?" I did apologize & the guy ended up getting me to laugh. He told me it would be about an hour so I asked him if it was OK for us to picnic in the grass off of the parking lot he said sure. So yeah, that was me on the side of the road eating my lunch today. We eventually starting laughing wondering what the people getting stuck at the light were thinking of us.

We went to the park after as well. When hubby got home (with his dead phone) & I told him he said "why did you call me first, was I supposed to come find you & change your tire?" "yes, that's what husbands are for" :-) I also learned that the jack is in the secret compartment in the secret compartment that holds the tire.

So how did your week start??

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  1. Okay. This soooo sounds like something that would happen to me!


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