Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We have begun the conversion of the upstairs 'formal' living room to a formal dining room. Hubby has finally agreed with me that a new dining room set is a good idea just not in the budget yet. Hopefully our wood floors (doing the same in kitchen too) will be done by the end of next month & I will have a dining room.

Converting the nursery to an office is on hold since we moved the little guy back in there. Between the new carpet & furniture in the big boy room we finally realized that there were fumes making us all semi sick.we have had the door closed while it airs out & gets vinegar wipe downs.

I did finally find the desk I wanted. It's a little more than I planned to spend but it has some built in cubbies as well as a built in file cabinet so it balances out & saves on more furniture shopping. Even though the room isn't ready hubby told me to go ahead & order it :-)

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