Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It is with much sadness I report that we no longer have a royal guard at the hovel. Our big handsome Caine crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 8th.
As I type I am tearing up but I keep reminding myself that he now has finally met up with our beloved Tasha who crossed the bridge in 2005. We had always said how much we wanted them to meet.
In his honor I am keeping his line in the blog description.(which I just realized is a few years old since he went up to 122 pounds)

Take a peek at:
Heir to the Hovel ~ my mommy blog.
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  1. I'm so sorry I didn't find this until now.

    I was the first person to step into the run with Caine at the rescue. He and his sister were so scared, and they were barking at everyone, and people were frightened of them. He was afraid of what might happen to him.

    When I stepped into the run his whole demeanor changed once he realized I was not there to hurt him. He rubbed his giant head against me and gave me some licks. He was a wonderful, wonderful dog and I have never forgotten him or that moment.

    Thank you for adopting him and being so good to him. He truly deserved it.


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