Saturday, July 5, 2008

Here's to Chaos

Someone asked me to share the drinks I made in the other post. I had been serving these people for like 3 days & this day they said we want to try something we don't usually drink, make something for us, we trust you. These are what I decided on for them & they were pleased.

Drink one was for the lady.
Bad Attitude - equal parts Malibu rum & Captain Morgans spiced rum then add pineapple juice. Cherry garnish if you like. These sneak up on you & after like 3 if you accidentally over pour for your experimenting girlfriends they won't even care that there's no room for pineapple juice!

Drink 2 was for the man.
Sicilian Kiss - equal parts Southern Comfort & Disaronno Amaretto. Some people also do 1 1/2 parts Southern & 1/2 part amaretto. This can made as a chilled shot or on the rocks with a cherry garnish. You HAVE to use the Disaronno; I've had these at a wedding where they used cheap amaretto & it definitely changes the taste.

(when I say parts it's any measure you like, just be consistent as in ounce, cup, whatever)
Drink up me hearties!

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  1. Now we are talking! How fun!! After say 3 drinks..... I'd be one of those people!

    Okay.. feeding deer. Did you say FEEDING DEER? Tell us more.

    You seem to like to cook, a lot! Has this always been true?


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