Saturday, July 5, 2008

So work was pretty busy today. We had a free bbq for lunch. Most of the people were nice. I had one cut the line & another yelling over the crowd for what he wanted. Sure, I'll just ignore the 5 people in front of you & get you guys your drinks right now - eye roll. Then there was the girl who stood on the opposite sde of where the line was because she didn't want anything to drink, she just wanted soda. I guess she was washing her hair with it?

Today's dinner was penne ala vodka with sausage.

Tomorrow is my Friday, my weekend is Monday & Tuesday. Tomorrow night we're going to check out a fireworks display. Hubby picked up 2 rose bushes for me when he went to Home Depot, one is white & one is pink, so I have to get those planted. I also have a ton of other stuff I want to do when I'm off but I'll probably only get half a ton done.

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