Tuesday, July 8, 2008

my weekend is ending :-(
Went to see a fireworks display Sunday night. Monday & today I did laundry, stripped & turned the bed, swept, Swiffered, cleaned the bathroom, wiped down my cabinets & drawers - inside too, went to the bank, CVS, bought groceries, planted the rosebushes that hubby picked up for me, blabbed on the phone, did my nails. I laid out for about an hour today, I really am behind on my tanning.
I tried something new with Monday's laundry. I didn't have any fabric softener & wasn't going to pick any up til today & I really wanted to get my linens washed & out on the line. I remembered reading on a homemaking blog that you could use 1/4 cup vinegar in place of softener. I didn't measure but I know I used a bit less cause I was chicken LOL I figured it was better to experiment with the sheets & towels than my work clothes in case they smelled & I had to rewash them. Well guess what? No stink, no static (it started to rain before verything was dry so I had to finish them in the dryer) & they feel nice too.

Dinners for the last few days -
Sun. - taco salad (chopped meat, rice, beans, tostitoes & tossed salad)
Mon. - bbq'd chicken (I made it in the slow cooker the way I make pulled pork) with green beans, carrot salad & hot crash potatoes (thank you Pioneer woman!)
Tues. - bratwurts with Bush's grillin beans, coleslaw, macaroni & cheese (I have to work on that it didn't taste cheesy enough to me)


  1. I really think I'm going to come live with you. So you tried the vinegar thing huh? I have ALWAYS wanted to but have just been TOO chicken! WAY TO GO

  2. Yep, I did the vinegar thing. It's weird cause when I opened the washer to get the clothes out I caught a whiff of vinegar & was like uh oh. They just smell clean, while they were wet & after they dried too.


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