Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen edition 2

13 things I make from scratch most often:
1. any sauce that goes with spaghetti/macaroni
2. gravies for meats & potatoes
3. cake
4. cookies
5. pies
6. bread
7. bbq sauce
8. potato salad
9. coleslaw
10. macaroni salad
11. iced tea - sun tea/sweet tea
12. butter
13. whipped cream
Although to be honest I haven't made the last 2 for a while.

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  1. I AM coming to live with you.

  2. I have plenty of room LOL
    Sometimes it gets tiring cause I'll ask hubby what he wants & he says I don't know, I don't care, whatever.
    Remind me once the weather gets cooler I'll send you a batch of your favorite cookies and/or bread.

  3. nothing goes to waste! very creative of you!

    hope you can drop by and check my TT for this week: my favorite tv shows in the 80s

  4. sorry, i pasted the wrong link. here is the correct one: my favorite tv shows in the 80s

  5. That all sounds so yummy, and I'm impressed that you ever made butter and whipped cream from scratch.

  6. It really isn't hard to do butter or whipped cream. It's really nice to make flavored butters cause you can make just enough without getting tired of it or having to throw it away.


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