Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hubby came on my errands with me today :-) He usually doesn't so when he does I get pretty happy. We were done around 1 o'clock. When we came home he brought in all my packages then went outside to put some fluids in my car & bring in my Christmas decorations. I made us lunch - eggs, sausage, potatoes & bagels.
One of the things I picked up was a new color cartridge for my printer so I can send out my Christmas cards. The printer is refusing to align the cartridges & it's stuck on that so I can't do anything else with it! I am so mad. Hubby said there is something he can use to clean it so he will pick it up for me tomorrow.
Another thing I picked up was a new dry erase board for the fridge. I finally found one without stupid magnets on the front & that doesn't slide done the fridge. I want to buy like 5 more & hoard them away. My current,well old one now in the garbage, board was perfect but I've had it so long the surface was starting to bubble a little. I've bought 2 others in probably the last year but they just weren't right. The only problem I see with the new one is the marker slot seems a little big so the marker might fall off once in awhile.

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