Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday: chicken soup with ditalini macaroni (we didn't even hit 25 degrees here yesterday!)
Tuesday: hamburgers with lettuce & tomato, homemade french fries, hubby wanted baked beans & I had some green bean salad
Wednesday: turkey cutlets with mushrooms, stuffing, carrots
Thursday: pork chops, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies or peas
Friday: spaghetti with clam sauce, crab cakes

I don't usually post breakfasts & snacks cause it's just me & hubby. His breakfasts are whatever he grabs on the road, lunch is whatever he grabs or leftovers depending on how late he wakes up in the morning. My breakfast is usually cereal or peanut butter & jelly on toast; lunch is leftovers or a sandwich. Some weekends we'll have a nice big breakfast together.
Snacks for him are usually sweets , another helping of dinner or a sandwich. My snacks lean towards fruit, cereal, chocolate milk but I like having sweets sometimes too.

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