Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursdasy Thirteen 11th edition

13 ways to make me a better blogger:
  1. wake up half an hour earlier each day
  2. go to sleep half an hour later each day
  3. quit my job
  4. take long breaks at work to hang out in the internet cafe
  5. have someone dare me to blog more
  6. have someone pay me to blog
  7. start blogging about sme of the stuff that happens at work
  8. schedule blogging appointments on my planner
  9. carry my laptop with me everywhere
  10. convince hubby to get me an itty bitty laptop so I don't mind carrying it around everywhere
  11. teach the dog to type for me
  12. convince hubby that dinner can wait but blogging can't
  13. convince hubby to make dinner while I blog
hmmm, this was kind of fun, maybe it will work.
Enjoy the day!

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