Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday 13 for January 15th

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13 (possibly weird) random facts about me & driving:
  1. for my 16th birthday I wanted my permit & a brand new car (I'll let you guess which ONE I got)
  2. my parents said they'd gladly get me a second hand car AFTER I passed my road test
  3. I wanted to take my road test in my brand new car so I showed them & refused to take my road test but continued asking for a car for every gift giving occasion that came up (for like 5 years!)
  4. I never paid for any of the vehicles I had
  5. my uncle bought me a VW bug when I was 18 or 19; I didn't drive it once
  6. when I was around 21 my uncle picked up a 67 Chevy Impala; that got me a little excited so I decided I'd start driving a little, only with him though.
  7. when I was 24(?) my boyfriend (now hubby) bought me a Thunderbird; I drove it once or twice
  8. I had no interest in driving. I always had boyfriends & friends with vehicles, cabs, buses, trains so it wasn't really a necessity for me
  9. I still had no desire to schedule a road test
  10. however I continued renewing my permit
  11. when I was 27 I took my road test & passed & I continued to not drive
  12. when I was 30 my mom gave me her old car when she bought her new one; it sat in the driveway for almost a year before I decided to start using it
  13. when I was 32 my husband bought me a brand new car :-)


  1. I had to pay right from the start. I bought my mother's car.

  2. Interesting list - I might try one like it. My boots are Sorel Thinsulates which in the store are a pretty penny, but on ebay I got a great deal and they'll last awhile since I really only wear then 6 weeks or so a year!


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