Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday 13 for January 22nd

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13 things I could eat all the time
  1. shrimp scampi over linguini
  2. stuffed shrimp over linguini
  3. chicken & shrimp fantasia - it has a different name that escapes me right now but this is what they call it in the restaurant I get it at. It's grilled shrimp on grilled chicken with prosciutto & provolone lightly broil melted over it.
  4. fajitas
  5. nachoes, as long as there is beef included
  6. tacos
  7. guacamole & Tostitoes
  8. vanilla Haagen Daas shakes
  9. creamed spinach
  10. New York strip steak
  11. mashed potatoes
  12. baked potatoes
  13. waffles

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