Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday 13 week 11

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13 of my pregnancy complaints, in no particular order:
  1. no smoking
  2. no drinking
  3. no tea
  4. no coldcuts
  5. can't get comfortable at night to sleep through the night
  6. peeing all the time
  7. having to take off my wedding rings the last 2 months
  8. being tired all the time (this was my big one but that could also be from me being an old lady LOL)
  9. not being able to stretch/climb up to reach stuff
  10. having to ask people for help with simple stuff like reaching & carrying
  11. getting puffy & having most of your shoes not fit (not good in the winter time)
  12. having trouble fitting behind the steering wheel & the dinner table
  13. heartburn - this was bad for like my last 2 weeks
As you can see most of these are petty & I'm really not complaining because I had a very easy pregnancy.


  1. I remember all of these so well. At least now that they are teans I have more energy.

  2. Can be rough for the expectant father, too :-)

    My T-13

  3. Put that way pregnancy doesn't sound like much fun at all, does it?

  4. Alice - by the time he's a teen I'll be in a rest home LOL

    Anthony - it might be rough for you guys but in an entirely different way.

    Shelley - I sincerely meant I wasn't complaining because I've heard horror stories from other pregnant people; I enjoyed my pregnancy very much.


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