Friday, July 31, 2009

Smart Shopping

Need a tv? Don't buy it yet. Here's a list of the best time to buy particular items.
  1. January - HDTVs, fitness equipment, sheets, towels, wrapping paper & Christmas decorations.
  2. February - DVD players, digital cameras, perfume, humidifiers.
  3. March - HDTVs, skis, winter coats & boots, frozen foods.
  4. April - spring clothes, digital cameras.
  5. May - pots & pans, sneakers, outdoor furniture, picnic supplies, dry goods.
  6. June - tools, summer clothes & bathing suits, lingerie.
  7. July - furniture, gym memberships.
  8. August - air conditioners, lawnmowers, yard & camping equipment, computers, fall clothes, school supplies.
  9. September - cars, bicycles, trees, shrubs, perennials.
  10. October - grills, appliances, vacuums, winter clothes, tires.
  11. November - TVs, stereos, clothing, wedding dresses.
  12. December - HDTVs, toys, electronics, cars.

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