Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Thirteen for July 30th

13 things I most hear at work (as a bartender):
  1. Can I have one of those pink drinks?
  2. I can't taste any alcohol
  3. Make it strong & I'll hook you up (uh huh)
  4. I don't like liquor, what do you recommend? (soda or juice & kindly step aside for someone else)
  5. I want to get really drunk what do you recommend? (shots of tequila & the bathroom is over there)
  6. They don't ask me for ID at the other bars I go to (probably because your friends work there)
  7. I'll have a beer (can you be a little less specific?)
  8. I'm an excellent tipper (this is usually said as they sit down & turns out to be a big lie)
  9. I'd like a pina colada with vodka
  10. I'll have what that person over there is drinking (just because it looks pretty?)
  11. I had this drink once that was kind of sweet & I think it had some kind of juice, can you make it?
  12. You should open earlier
  13. You should stay open later

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  1. ha ha... some of those lines have to get old?

  2. Some things never change. I heard the some of the same things when I waited tables in college. Loved all the comments when it was last call...not!

  3. interesting list..u have an interesting job too..

  4. I bet that is an interesting job. Great TT.

  5. Some of the lines are funny! Nice list there :)

    Mariposa's TT

  6. some things never change and some of the lines are cute and some are funny:)


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