Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Foundation is in

Our foundation was done on June 28th. It took about an hour , hour & a half. They were here about 3 hours though because the truck got stuck. We used Superior Walls for our foundation.

Here they come...

& here they're stuck!

Bobcat to the rescue! Luckily our excavator had dropped it off early in the morning & was on standby just in case this happened. The plan had been to dig our or fill in not to tow but that's how it turned out.

Prepping the hole...
These are concrete walls swinging over my house!

I decided the front wasn't the best view so I moved to the back...
We had siding up until they came, we're not totally trashy! We removed some of it for ease of placement & the rest of building. It will be going back on in a couple of months.

All set. (view from end of driveway looking left)

Is that a little patch of grass I still see??

I took more pictures but they are all pretty similar...walls swinging through the sky then going into the hole. Next update will be beginning to build.

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  1. How exciting! I hope you keep us updated on the progress!

  2. That is so cool to watch! Not cool about it getting stuck, of course, but still neat!


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