Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I almost didn't drop my stuff at the Salvation Army today... they were paving the road & only had 1 lane of traffic moving at a time. I really didn't feel like having to take the 2 boxes back out of my car so I stuck it out; actually put the car in park for about 12 minutes while me & the little guy sang & played hand games. He was so good today considering that my expected 3 hour errands venture turned more into 5. Good think I had brought him snacks & lunch just in case.

Went to Walmart for some pantry stuff. The only unplanned things I picked up were paper towels, my 8 pack was 5 bucks who cares that I already had 7 at home! & a big pumpkin spice candle, can't wait to get that burning! That just reminded me, I'm really surprised there weren't any Halloween costumes out yet, then again I wasn't looking for them.

Hubby fixed my printer for me tonight. He's so good, especially considering how late he got home. I tell him at least once a month how glad I am that he's not a white collar guy :-)

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