Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Make & use a price list

About a year ago I decided  to start a price list & keep it in my homemaking journal. Yes, I have one of those but it's still a work in progress; actually when my printer crapped out I was printing some stuff to put in it.

Anyways, back to the price list. I mainly started it to see which items I could really save money on by buying larger sizes. I was pretty surprised when I found an average of 20 - 60 cent price difference in my 2 stores. I live pretty rural, the local supermarkets are about 15 miles in opposite directions from my house. Each of them carry some stuff I use but not all so I go to both pretty regularly.

I do the Walmart thing every couple of months, like yesterday. I can get a 10 pound bag of rice for like 6 dollars meanwhile the supermarket charges about 5 dollars for the 3 or 5 pound bag - it's been so long I don't remember. It seemed like I was always buying rice now I just buy it & forget it. Plus I bought the prettiest canister to hold it in LOL

 I don't take my list with me, after a while I just started to know where to buy what.

The price list also helps me remember where I get certain stuff. I haven't updated it for a while so it took me a month to re-find the aerosol can of Shout that I fell in love with.

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