Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dollar stores

I was never a fan of dollar stores but someone somewhere inevitably dragged me to one here & there. After going a few times I realized that Dollar Tree was OK. They have some cool tissue paper designs not to mention my Scotchbrite & Reynolds aluminum foil, yes, for just a buck! I also buy coloring books there for the little guy.

There was a flyer or Dollar General in this weeks paper; it had my Lysol Cling & 2 other things I can't remember on sale so I headed there today. The plan was to run in & out for 3 things. Since it was my first time there & I had nothing else to do we cruised the aisles.They had a lot of name brand stuff in there. They had Green Giant canned asparagus, Hormel chili (I use them  both to make dips)  & Progresso soup (hubby eats them constantly & they're almost 3 bucks a can in the supermarket)  for a dollar each. Dial soap for hubby was cheap too. I wound up spending 50 bucks. The only regret was the alphabet magnets - within half an hour of them going on the fridge 2 magnts fell out of the letters o they went in the garbage.

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