Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's 2011

My New Years in a nutshell:
"I have to pee"
"Did you ever pee?"  "I waited 5 hours to pee"
"I'm bleeding"
"I'm bleeding again"
"I'm still bleeding"
"I'm finally  not bleeding"
the hat lady
"a front row seat to watch people fucking up their lives"
stupid fucking pickles
no more fruit
"I don't know where the tea bags are!"
"stop working"
thinking the bar was on fire (& still making drinks while watching the smoke billowing LMAO)
no one knew how to park
no 5's anywhere
"there's no lemon!"
re-opening the first bar
"the girls are coming around"
"I can't lift my tray"
the napkins
"check our website"
running out of glasses
martinis in margarita glasses, shots in highball glasses
"what's with the Heineken??"
"no one took their drinks - they were so drunk they lost them"
woohooo, ringing n the New Year with a hot cup of tea
"my eyes feel like they have saran wrap on them"
"I'm taking the patron" "hey give me that" "I need it" "I need it!"
"he blew a horn on my ass"
not getting nearly enough sleep, which is probably why there's a ton I'm forgetting.
Being so thankful it was quiet today cause we were all tired & stupid.

To everyone still working tonight, we have 364 days til we do it again! Happy New Year!!

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