Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu plan Monday for the week of August 29th

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I make a large salad once or twice a week & leave it plain in the fridge so it's always ready to eat. What we ate last week:
Sunday - barbequed pork, tater tots, corn on the cob
Monday - chicken cutlets, rice, cranberry sauce
Tuesday - hamburger helper
Wednesday -  hubby wasn't home so I probably had a sandwich or leftovers
Thursday -I think we had kielbasa
Friday - went out for dinner; I had scallops, hubby had tuna
Saturday - no pizza!!  We had company & were eating & barbequing all day

Baked banana cupcakes

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  1. Those banana cupcakes sound yummy!!!! I love banana bread but never thought to try it in a muffin tin.

    Hamburger Helper is quick and easy and nice to have on hand. I only buy the beef stroganoff one though. I also have a hamburger helper-like recipe that is pretty simple too, but still I like to pick up a box now and then!

    Hope you had fun at lunch today. Sometimes we women just need to get out of the house and hang with some friends, lol!


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