Sunday, August 29, 2010

a summary of my weekend:

"go get your bomb"
"gold is out"
GPS sucks in small towns
"I finally get to see the house I live in"
"you need fishing poles, guns & a boat" "We have guns!"
"make a left at the light" "what light?""the ONLY light" An hour goes by, phone rings "I'm lost" "Did you make a left? "No, I made a right"
Escalades are a nice ride & I'm not into caddies
Someone got here without getting lost!
"they all had mud on their pants"
"we missed Wally-fest! (We didn't care it was just the joke of the weekend)
"you should go to the Land of Love" no, it wasn't me saying it
The lady with the blinking hat
"I can't walk through that smell"
"what's boom boom sauce"? - it is not good
"They need to cut some trees up here. Everything looks the same."
"where's his hat?" "Get the hat" "He has to wear the hat"
"I forgot the salad"
"Is he Amish?" "He can go plug up the dam"
no banana cake
The itty bitty pan
"I don't remember buying this shirt. What does it say?"
All the extra tables
About the electric fence - "come touch it" "no you touch it" "i did touch it, you touch it" "I'm not touching it"
"eeewwww, there's no booze in this" spoken by me a couple of differnet times
"Where's my cup?" also me a few times
"What's he doing with the baby? Should I give him the baby?" "Where's he taking him?" "Oh it's like the Lion King!"
"That IS the Mustang!"
"Wait, what happned to my car?" "You don't know? It was on the news."
"Why'd the music end?Oh, it's been 8 hours"
To F from at least 3 different people in less than a minute "a car is coming" & then later at night F to us "a car is coming" you had to be there to get it

& now it's bedtime, as soon as the little guy settles down anyway.

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